Ashleigh MacIsaac

Ashleigh MacIsaac is a 23 year old tattooer currently in the second year of their apprenticeship. They started tattooing in July of 2017, shortly after they graduated from Montserrat College of Art with a degree in illustration.

Ashleigh’s known they’ve wanted to tattoo since they were about 5 years old, which was when they were exposed to their first tattoo party. After seeing what a great time every one was having, and how much everyone enjoyed the art and process of it, it seemed like the field that Ashleigh would want to be a part of. A Gemini at heart and an ENFP personality, Ashleigh loves interacting with people and sharing stories, childhood, horror, or otherwise, with their clients.

Ashleigh enjoys exploring a multitude of different styles and subject matter in their tattooing, including, but not limited to: color portraiture and realism, floral pieces, lettering, neotraditional style, and watercolor pieces. Their absolute favorite things to tattoo are cross stitch pieces, pop culture pieces, and really anything bright and colorful. If you’re looking for a bright, fun tattoo of your favorite video game character, Ash is the tattooer for you.

In the spare time that they do have, they can be seen cuddling with their greyhound, drinking coffee, and going to the movies with their fiancé

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